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Reclaim your pre-pregnancy BODY


Superfood Protein Shake for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Moms

What's inside Boobie BODY?

Green Tea Crepe Cake

Boobie BODY was created for pregnant and nursing moms who are looking for a delicious, protein shake

  • Milk Boosting Galactagogues
  • Organic Plant Based Protein
  • Organic Superfood Boobie Blend
  • Probiotic Blend 11 Strain 25B CFUg
  • Gluten Free, Soy Free, Dairy Free
  • Keto Friendly
  • 19g of protein | 1 Net Carb | 0 Sugars

Why Boobie BODY?

What do I use Boobie BODY for?

Green Tea Leaves


Complete meal in seconds

Look mama, we know you are busy. Thats why we pack Boobie Body full of protein, fiber, and pre and probiotics to give you a full meal replacement on-the-go

Green Tea Leaves



We want to help you lose that pregnancy weight and reclaim your body

Green Tea Leaves



Boobie BODY is packed with milk- boosting galactagogues to help support a healthy milk supply

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Join Club Boobie BODY

Green Tea Crepe Cake

Nurse Wendy recommends enjoying 1 -3 servings (or more) a day to support a healthy milk supply. We created Club Boobie BODY to provide savings and convenience for our moms looking to reclaim their BODY.

  • Mix and Match Your own 3 Tub Bundle
  • Was $44.00 | Now $39.76 Per Tub
  • 60 Day supply of Boobie BODY
  • Lowest price per tub!
  • Subscription model saves time and money!
  • Pause subscription at any time
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Why Boobie BODY?

9 Benefits of Boobie BODY

  • Increase Energy Levels
  • One shake a day (1-3 servings)
  • Packed with lactogenic superfoods
  • Save time and money
  • Supports a healthy milk supply
  • Perfect all-in-one meal replacement
  • Restores the BODY after childbirth
  • Created by Nurse Wendy
  • Premium Ingredients

Don't take our word for it.

Recent Momma Testimonials


"So delicious"

"I wanted to get my workout/diet plan going to get rid of the baby weight.I knew most protein drinks were not recommended while nursing until I came across Boobie Body Shakes! I did not have an issue with supply but it has not affected my milk at all. My baby hasn't had any issue either. I definitely feel fuller longer and have more energy to keep up with my busy days! In general, I can typically sacrifice taste for health benefits with no issue but I honestly enjoy the taste of this shake. I have been using almond milk, pb2, and half banana and it has been delicious!."


"Quick, Easy and delicious"

"Delicious! I make mine with water, 2 scoops of powder, half a frozen banana and a tablespoon of peanut butter. It tastes amazing and I'm full until lunch."


definitely ordering more

"I purchased the coffee caramel flavor shake and love it! I like it best mixed with unsweetened vanilla almond milk and sometimes add a little cocoa powder for extra flavor. Some people have said it is chalky, but I find that with almond milk it isn't chalky at all. It's not as filling as I was hoping it would be, for me personally, but to each their own, I'm sure it's more filling for others. I enjoy my shake as an early breakfast or a midmorning snack, typically. I haven't tried it blended yet, but I would like to try it that way! If you mix it a little before drinking it (I've done it as early as the night before,) it thickens and I really enjoy it that way, it seems much more filling; I'm guessing this is due to the chia expanding, mainly. I still have an unopened tub, but I'm sure I will order more in the future!"

Clean, Premium Ingredients

Everything you want, nothing you don't

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