Frequently Asked Questions

BOOBIE Brands®

Why Are Your Products Vegan & Plant-Based?

Choosing hormone-free nutrition is the ideal choice for women’s health since we all know how hormone fluctuations can drive us crazy (and everyone around us too). Boobie Brand Products are made entirely from sustainable plants and organic superfoods to fuel your busy day.

Nursing moms can rest assure too since dairy and eggs are the most common known allergens in babies.

Can I Enjoy Boobie Brand™ Products if I am Pregnant?

Just ask your OB/midwife for the greenlight if you can switch to our organic protein or bars since you are under their direct care for the next 40 weeks since every pregnancy is different.

Do You Offer Free Samples?

We offer single-serving sizes of Boobie BODY™ for purchase on our website.

Most of our small retailers and hospitals offer tastings of Boobie Bar®. See our store locator to find a location near you and call them to inquire what items they stock.

I Love Boobie Brand™ Products, Can I Set Up Auto-ship?

Yes! Now everything we offer is eligible for auto-ship! Just click subscribe and save when building your cart for discounts and the convenience of having your Boobie favorites delivered as often as you choose. (Login to your account and you can customize your ship date and chose the products each month)

Where are Boobie Brand™ Products Sold?

Large Retailers: Target, Walmart, and buybuy Baby(Select Bed Bath & Beyond)

Small Retailers, Lactation Centers & Hospitals: Most of these gems carry our entire line of products! Search your zip code in our store locator and call to see if the one near you offers tastings too.

Can I Use My FSA/HSA to Purchase Boobie Brand™ Products?

Yes! But ONLY when you purchase Boobie Brand ™Products from a durable medical equipment (DME) company where you ordered your insurance breastpump.

DME’s who sell Boobie Brand Products: Coming Soon!


How important is it to eat a Boobie Bar® every day?

Very important! Boobie Bars® contain natural galactagogues which need to build up in your system over time for you to see optimal results. Just like the prenatal vitamins (aka horse pills) you took during pregnancy, you reap the most benefits when you eat one Boobie Bar® per day.

How quickly should I expect to see results?

While results vary from mom to mom, based on our user testimonials, most nursing moms see a change in their breast milk supply within three to five days. If you don’t experience such an increase, please see a lactation professional near you, since your frequency and removal should be assessed.

What allergens do Boobie Bars® contain?

Boobie Bars® contain no dairy and no corn, and are 100% vegan and kosher.

Specific allergens are as follows:

  1. Oatmeal chocolate chip: Wheat, soy, coconut.
  2. Blueberry coconut: Wheat, coconut.
  3. Gluten-free peanut butter: Peanuts,coconut.


Boobie Bars® were designed by Nurse Wendy, who is not only a nurse but a board-certified lactation consultant as well. She has found that a large number of moms either choose to give up dairy while breastfeeding or are advised to give up dairy by their pediatrician, so she decided to make all Boobie Bars® vegan. To accommodate gluten-free moms, Nurse Wendy created a peanut butter flavor that is not only vegan but 100% gluten-free!

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