Boobie Body - Coffee Caramel
Boobie Body - Coffee Caramel
Boobie Body - Coffee Caramel
Boobie Body - Coffee Caramel
Boobie Body - Coffee Caramel

Coffee Caramel

*Due to overwhelming positive demand, we are running low on Coffee Caramel. Our remaining stock of Coffee Caramel will be reserved for Club Members so at this time we are unable to fulfill single orders. If you are craving Coffee Caramel, like so many other moms are, be sure to join Club Boobie and choose it as one of your flavors*

Due to overwhelming positive demand, we out of stock on 20 serving tubs for this item. Boobie BODY coffee lovers do not  panic! We can offer 20 SINGLE SERVINGS OF COFFEE CARAMEL for the SAME PRICE

To claim this offer:

  1. Click on the single serving Coffee Caramel size from our shop page
  2. Add 20 to your cart
  3. Apply Code: OOSCOFFEESALE at checkout* 
  4. SAVE $56.00 off retail prices

* Only one discount code allowed at time of checkout and cannot be combined. 


100% caffeine-free! This roasted coffee and creamy caramel flavored shake make this newest flavor delicious and nutritious! Use cold-brew coffee as the base instead of milk and you can enjoy this fully leaded too. 

  • A Complete Meal On The Go with protein, fiber, prebiotics and probiotics

  • Helps Postpartum Weight Loss from fiber and superfoods to keep you fuller longer ; 1 Net Carb; 0 Sugar

    • Supports Healthy Milk Supply with 7 powerful milk-boosting galactagogues

    • Free of the Top 8 Allergens 

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      Organic Flaxseed

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      Organic Moringa

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      Organic Sacha Inchi

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      Organic Turmeric

      Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric root possesses natural oils, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and phytochemicals that combine to provide healing properties for every stage of motherhood

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