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Apple Overnight Oats

1 scoop BoobieBODY Vanilla Chai (120/19 ⠀
3 oz apple sauce (40/0) ⠀
1 C old fashioned oats (not instant) (260/10) ⠀
1½ C unsweetened vanilla almond milk (45/2) ⠀
1 Apple chopped (95/.5) ⠀
¼ t. apple pie spice or cinnamon) ⠀
*top with honey to taste(optional) ⠀

Add applesauce, oats, almond milk, protein powder, cinnamon, and 1/2 the chopped apples into a bowl. ⠀
Stir well to combine, until all the protein powder has dissolved. ⠀
Seal container with a lid and place in the fridge overnight. ⠀
Take the container out of the fridge the next morning and stir the mixture. ⠀
Top with apples, cinnamon, and some honey! Cal.560/Protein 32g ⠀

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