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Healthy & Happy

Boobie Brands®

We make healthy bars and shakes for moms in every stage of motherhood. Founded and created by board-certified Nurse Wendy.

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Healthy & Happy

Boobie Products

We specialize in products for moms in every stage of motherhood- fitness, lactation, and clean organic nutrition.  Boobie Brands was created by our own Nurse Wendy!

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Boobie Bars

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Boobie Body

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Proprietary Booble Blend™

Our proprietary blend of organic ingredients are carefully hand-selected by Nurse Wendy to help nursing moms promote lactation and active moms stay healthy.

Premium Ingredients

Our products are made with the highest quality Organic, Non-GMO and plant-based ingredients to align with any healthy lifestyle.

Created by a Registered Nurse and Lactation Consultant

Boobie Brands was founded by Board Certified Lactation Consultant and registered Nurse Wendy after she started hand-crafting milk-supporting bars for her nursing patients in 2011

Tara Gard

San Diego, CA

Products like Boobie Body prevent me from skipping meals which keeps my supply up by keeping my nutrient levels in check so that I can continue to breastfeed my quadruplets. Plus it is quick, easy, and effortless to use which is something that I need in my life right now! Thank you for helping me to continue on my journey.

Heather Smith

Mobile, AL

I just finished my first box of Boobie Bars® (the blueberry coconut—yum!) and have started on my second. These bars are delicious and beat taking 18 pills a day by a long shot! I hope to only get better as I continue to use the bars and pump often. I am so glad I found them! Thank you, Boobie Bars!

Lisa A

New York, NY

I am now in a few social media communities for moms—whenever someone brings up low supply, I always mention your product. It literally saved my baby and me. Because of YOU, I nursed my second child way longer than my first! Thank you for giving us that time. I will forever cherish it and forever be grateful to YOU for helping to make that happen. Keep up the excellent work. We mamas need more people like you in our villages!

Just Ask Nurse Wendy

Meet Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Nurse Wendy

Meet Nurse Wendy