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We know #momlife is tough. That's why we created Boobie Brands®, to empower you through every stage of motherhood

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Our proprietary Superfood Blends are hand crafted to empower you through each stage of motherhood


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Why Boobie Brands®?

Here's whats unique about us

convenient and delicious solutions for real mom problems

Whether you're looking for a meal on-the-go (because your kids goldfish crackers don’t count), increasing your milk supply, reclaiming your pre-pregnancy body, growing back the hair that your pregnancy took from you, or maintaining a healthy immune system (moms can't take sick days), we’ve got you covered mama!

Premium, Superfood Ingredients

Our superfoods are made with the highest quality Organic, Non-GMO and plant-based ingredients to align with any healthy lifestyle. 

Created by Nurse Wendy

Boobie Brands Was Founded By Board Certified Lactation Consultant And Registered Nurse Wendy. With 23 Years Of Experience, Nurse Wendy Has Helped Thousands Of Women Achieve Their Goals By Creating Innovative Products Made Just For Busy Moms 

Premium ingredients

Everything you want, nothing you don't

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We love hearing from our moms

Recent Mom Testimonials

Customer image

Catherine K.

Boobie Bar Oatmeal Chcocolate Chip

Mother of 2 Looking to increase milk supply

"I started using Boobie Bars in the hospital after my son was born. I brought them as healthy snacks. This was actually the first thing I ate after giving birth. They helped my milk come in for my hungry big dude! I have had one a day since and notice a significant drop in my supply if I run out of them. They boost my supply and make having to pump all day at work less stressful! I am a teacher and always on the go. It is easy to get too stressed and tired to produce well. These are like magic milk supply bars! I recommend them highly!"

Customer image

Alexis S.

Club Boobie Body

Mother of 2 looking to reclaim her pre-pregnancy BODY

"I wanted to get my workout/diet plan going to get rid of the baby weight.I knew most protein drinks were not recommended while nursing until I came across Boobie BODY Shakes! I did not have an issue with supply but it has not affected my milk at all. My baby hasn't had any issue either. I definitely feel fuller longer and have more energy to keep up with my busy days! In general, I can typically sacrifice taste for health benefits with no issue but I honestly enjoy the taste of this shake. I have been using almond milk, pb2, and half banana and it has been delicious!"

Customer image

Meagan C.

Boobie BOdy chocolate bliss

Mother of 1 looking to reclaim her BODY

"I definitely could tell I got a nice energy boost from these and the flavors were way better than most brands that I have tried. Definitely ordering more!"

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